Well come on in…. don’t hang around out there.

We want you to tell us your story.

Everybody has a story to tell right?

What’s yours? Well come on! The world is waiting!

The fact is, it’s not so hard to write that story down and pass it on. You don’t have to be a literary giant to write. It’s like talking. Everyone’s way of doing it is fascinating and valid because it’s unique. You don’t want everyone to have the same voice do you? Only you can tell a story exactly the way you can. And only you can tell your stories.

Haven’t you always felt you have something to offer the world? All that life experience must count for something right? Nobody’s experiences or way of seeing are identical to yours. So what do you know? What troubles you? What fascinates you?  How do you see things? How do you feel?

You want to share something with the world and it looks like you want to do it with writing and photographs. It’s kismet, you wouldn’t be here listening to this if it weren’t meant to be. Fate says you’re going to put it in a book. I just heard her.

Who was it that said, ‘you can open any book on any page and find the answer to your problem’?

I forget, but, anyway…

Maybe you’re thinking, why should I choose writing to make my mark?

It’s the most accessible art there is, and it’s the third most ancient after drums and dancing. Cave painting was the fourth. How do we know? Well they must have been telling each other stories before they started illustrating them!

Stories are what make our lives work. There are stories that hold our society together, stories that raise children and stories that keep our spirits up while we get on with living.

Storytelling is accessible because you already have it. It’ll take you years to express what you really want to express with a guitar or a paintbrush but you can already tell a story right now. In words and pictures.

And the news on the street is this: Everybody wants to see it.

Seriously! Everybody wants to read your story. Us included.

What you have to give is your truth, and nobody else has it.

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