Truth Bombs: Stick It To The Man

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An explosive collection of 250 full colour die-cut stickers designed by an army of 50 artists from around
the world.
Created to make a statement “A truth bomb”, according to the Urban Dictionary “is a fact or piece of knowledge that, when told to a listener, is devastating to the listener’s argument or world view.” Well in this case, The Man should prepare to be hit right between the eyeballs and mind blown apart by a global underground coalition of artists, illustrators, pop-culture pirates, graphic agitators and agent provocateurs, protesting the wicked ways of the world.
Each sticker explodes a devastating truth about life – from the deadly serious to the drop dead funny.
Get stuck in and start sticking. Every one pulled from the page and placed in the world is an act of resistance against bland. Don’t hold back, go stick it to the man!

Nick McFarlane and Chloé Baxter are artists, designers and truth bomb detonators. As Wolf&Co operatives, their mission is to resist the bland, blow up boredom and make the world more massive through art. Nick is the author and graphic agitator Spinfluence. He also produced the cover art for The Prodigy’s chart-topping album The Day is My Enemy. Nick thrives at the collision point of pop-culture and social-insanity, creating work which is both abrasive and insightful.
Chloe is the globe trotting creative connector and curator who has marshalled an army of artists from around the world to rise up, confront conformity and stick it to the man!