Haikyo: The Modern Ruins of Japan

Dotted over Japan from north to south, hundreds of abandoned abodes lay forgotten and left to decay. These shadowy realms provide a paused, silent and darkly enchanting contrast to a country known for the brightness, sound and movement that swells in it’s many thriving metropolis’s.

Stepping away from the lights and into the shadows, one adventurous photographer, Shane Thoms embarks on an underground voyeuristic journey, documenting a curious collection of images that provide a rare and intimate glimpse into a secret, mysterious and sometimes bizarre world. Miniature jungles sprout and thrive in the rooms of a discarded beachside resort.

In Shane Thom’s book with Carpet Bombing Culture, with its own unique story to tell, the end result is the presentation of a fascinating realm where one can contemplate Japan’s hidden journey from permanence to disposability, composition to decomposition and construction to deconstruction.