All About The Boy

Artist, innovator, designer, anarchist, hedonist, maverick, Raynor lives like he means it
Discover the true story behind the iconic London fashion label ‘BOY’ told by the man himself – Stephane Raynor. Packed with punk attitude and original photography, buy a ticket and take the ride. Join Raynor on a journey through a life less ordinary – lived in a tireless pursuit for THE NEW.
Artist, innovator, designer, anarchist, hedonist, maverick, Raynor lives like he means it. The guy behind the guy behind the guy – he was there man…fomenting and agitating in the background of punk, new romantic, acid house, you name it.
1974 – ACME ATTRACTIONS opens on the same street as SEX (Vivienne Westwood’s shop) and the two shops instantly become the centre of the punk universe. DON LETTS pumping out dub reggae and running the shop. RAYNOR watching through the two way mirror in glee as the cash floods in.
1976 – BOY is opened by Stephane, already with his eye on the future, ready to create the NEW ROMANTICS. Doc Marten boots are nailed to the walls. Billy Idol works the till. The Clash, Chrissie Hynde, the Sex Pistols, Bob Marley, Deborah Harry hanging out. The accountant sets up the ROXY night where one hundred nights of punk legend begin.
1978 – PX boutique in Covent Garden. Now, Steve Strange is your shop boy. The Blitz Kids go on to basically invent the 1980’s.
1980 – BOY LONDON the eagle has landed. Raynor’s label goes on to dress the 1980’s.
“It’s my heroin…we created it and I live it every day of my life.”
I MEAN WE DON’T LIKE TO DROP NAMES BUT…there were quite a few people who wore BOY LONDON who were considered quite well known – Sid Vicious, Madonna, Blondie, Elton John, Andy Warhol, The Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode, Whitney Houston, Billy Idol, Steve Strange, Boy George, look it was basically everybody, right.
Oh, and Rhianna. Whoever she is.
RAYNOR IS SO FAR AHEAD of his time there are rumours he CAME HERE FROM OUT OF SPACE to liberate us from BLAND CULTURE. The spirit of world history chose him, like Napoleon, to destroy the old world. Either that or he’s the most EPIC BLAG ARTIST of all time. He’s not sure.